ERNIT is on Kickstarter

ERNIT staff pick


ERNIT – the electronic piggybank, which had a close collaboration with IdemoLab in 2014 is now ready to go to production and has launched their crowdfunding campaign on Through an ongoing design -and development process IdemoLab has contributed through severe contextvalidation of the designfield alongside developing the IoT system the concept is building on.

ERNIT is a learning-tool for children and adults that connects the digital capital of the future with physical interaction and learning about money for children and their parents. ERNIT consists of a piggybank connected to a smartphone app. Through the app, the child can set goals for things on your wishing list, savings and learn about giving to charity. The app is connected through the internet to a physical piggybank that embodies the understanding of digital money. Parents, grandparents and other can thus send money through mobile pay or online banking that “lands” into the piggybank which can be further distributed to the individual goals.

In the process, IdemoLab have been testing new methods to use interactive prototypes as more than just a verification tool when designing everyday products. Through a merger of design-anthropological research methods and interactive prototyping we had a designpanel validating the designfield ERNIT is placed in. Following, the designpanel assessed how ERNIT meet the articulated valuation on selected parameters. The results had crucial effect on the physical design and gave valuable insights for the discursive framework of the smartphone app. The designpanel is now offered as a service at IdemoLab (see here)  


ERNIT’s Kickstarter campaign has been selected as Staffpick and Project Of The Week by the Kickstarter team. Watch the campaign and back it here.  


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