Wireless Greenhouse Monitoring


    Improving the growth of plants through wireless monitoring.

    Advanced monitoring of individual plants and precise control of the plant’s environment can have a significant impact on its development.

    In collaboration with the Greenhouse innovation consortia, FORCE Technology has developed a wireless sensor system that is collecting data on various parameters inside a greenhouse, such as specific light frequencies that are optimal for plant growth, temperature of various parts of the plant, CO2 levels, ambient air temperature and humidity.

    Using this wireless sensor platform it was possible to monitor the environment around the plants inside the greenhouse with higher detail than it was previously possible. The detailed monitoring of plants allowed better control of the environmental conditions aimed at improving the rate of growth and the development of the plants.

    This project was done with help of the funding from the Research and Innovation ministry.

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    Morten Wagner
    Head of Department
    +45 20 30 54 71

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