The Intelligent Pillbox

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    As part of a research project for Lev Vel (Live Well) with a number of partners, the Intelligent Pillbox was developed to fulfil the distinct need of elderly people to be in control of their own medication and to remember when and which pills to take.

    A key feature of the Intelligent Pillbox is its mobility, since the elderly attain the freedom to leave their homes, taking the Pillbox with them, instead of depending on a caretaker. Using electronic sketching and IdemoBits, the project explored size (beginning with various containers and ending up with a matchbox for size similarity), usability (how could it be opened, closed, and how would it be accessed), and functionality, how the reminder system would work and which components it would use.

    Elderly and health care workers participated throughout the design process and combined their expertise with IdemoBits to try out ideas and develop working models for potential solutions.

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