T-to-Power – New thermal energy harvesting test facilities


    T-to-Power is a three-year project manifested as a collaboration between TEGnology, University of Linköping, Teknologisk Institut and FORCE Technology; funded by the European Union, EuroStars program.

    The Danish company TEGnology has developed a new application material for TEGs (Thermo Electric Generators) that is capable of harvesting energy from extra high-temperature energy sources. The project is now at a state where the product and technology needs to be matured for production in which FORCE Technology helps in the process of testing and characterizing the new generator material. FORCE Technology has build a test-facility that not only controls heating and cooling sources but also is able to dynamically change the surrounding environment of the energy source to simulate real life scenarios. Imagine the source being the exhaustion of a car. Here, wasted heat flows through the exhaustion pipe which can be collected into electricity. But furthermore the vibration of the pipe itself will also affect the system and stress the material. This system can also be applicated to future tests of other thermal energy harvesting supplied products.

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    Morten Wagner
    Head of Department
    +45 20 30 54 71

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