SportSense – Wireless sports tracking

    Sportsense wireless sports tracking

    Performance statistics are a huge part of sports entertainment on television and an increasingly used tool for coaches and trainers.

    For television sports infographics the existing methods are generally limited due to the fact that most of the data needs to be logged manually by at least one or two operators during a game. Although several performance parameters are monitored digitally, the existing products calibrates the playing field with complex video equipment at a very high cost.
    SportSense wishes to take advantage of the potentials in wearable wireless technology for fast, precise and low-cost data logging on athletes. Through an explorative process in collaboration with FORCE Technology the project is currently working on developing a concept focussed on tracking the performance of handball players in a game and training situation. The project is funded by the innovationnetwork InfinIT.

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    Morten Wagner
    Head of Department
    +45 20 30 54 71

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