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    Personal bedtime-stories and songs for a relaxing bedtime-ritual with your children.

    Order a studio-recorded personal bedtime song with the child’s name in it. started as a webshop provided by Lyhne Music Aps. Up until now, their main service has been to personalize well-known bedtime songs and deliver a cd with the song and other slumber music. It has showed to be a great success with the customers as it facilitates a repeated and personalized bedtime ritual for children and parents. Now, the company has decided to expand the concept with a tangible product that also should be able to provide a comforting, relaxing bedtime ritual.

    Through various design processes such as electronic sketching, we unveiled the potential of a product the child can personify and value as a comforting, well-known object in the context of going to bed. Through the use of different technologies the product should also facilitate different cognitive and interactive elements as a part of the bedtime-ritual between child and grown-up.

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    Mikkel Leth Olsen
    Specialist, Interaction & Electronic Sketching
    +45 21 18 39 91

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