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    DING3000 is the studio of the designers Carsten Schelling, Sven Rudolph and Ralf Webermann and is located in Hannover, Germany. 

    They’ve created many iconic objects for the home including the Beater (a foldable whisk sold at Normann Copenhagen), La Famiglia, a set of four very different glasses that nonetheless, nest together (for QDO) and some decidedly conversation-starting pieces such as Join, the cutlery with a playful way to put it together and the iconic “Pimp my Billy” for Ikea’s common Billy shelving system. They’ve also won more than 30 international design awards for their work.

    See their work here

    IdemoLab and DING3000 share a common love of intriguing, functional and playful designs and so began a collaboration; IdemoLab visited DING3000 and we exchanged stories and knoweldge about our various areas of expertise and we showed DING3000 our IdemoBits and tried out a few concepts. Since then, we\’ve been going through a design brainstorming and building process where we\’re exploring interactive, responsive designs for the home.

    Products from our collaboration will hopefully be ready mid-2015.

    Visit DING3000 online here

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    Technology Experience Designer
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