Idemolab, designing meaningful devices: Idemotrainer & CBS


    As part of our innovation processes and our research program, we often collaborate with students on their master thesis.

    Daniel Dul and Kultaran Singh from CBS have written a Masters project in partnership with IdemoLab. They approached us in late 2016 and we agreed they could help fulfil the Masters project milestone. We partnered them with one of our students from DTU as a collaborator, Kristian Bigum Greve who has been co-developing the project with them. Daniel and Kulturan focused on a “Value-Centered” approach towards Smart PSS development. Kristian focused on the development of prototypes and evaluations in context (at gyms).

    Daniel and Kultaran are student in the master in Business Administration and E-business during which they came up with a new design process. They wanted to get feedback on and partnered with IdemoLab to implement it in an IoT Project. Using their new method and Idemolab’s toolbox, the team was able to come up with a new product service system for fitness centers.


    Initial research and ideation

    During the first step of the project, Idemolab helped the students get a better understanding of the available technologies and of the wearables already on the market by conducting a state of the art on fitness IoT.

    “The state of art investigation was a nice addition to the user studies we conducted in the field as our observations were only limited to a handful of gadgets used by people. The SOT of Fitness IOT and wearables highlighted the technical specs of the various cutting edge market offerings, what is accepted by users within the industry and where it may head towards.”

    Kultaran Singh

    After the students conducted preliminary research on their users and the context for which they were designing, they met Idemolab to share their findings. The team then proceeded to create new concepts based on the users’ values, behaviors, and needs but also technology and market relevance. This process was greatly facilitated by Daniel’s & Kultaran’s new design framework. This framework reveals business opportunities by highlighting the tensions between the available devices and users’ behavior.


    Once those concepts were developed, Idemolab in collaboration with the students, conducted two round of prototyping iterations. A first, low-fi prototype was created and tested in a gym. The data gathered from this first test served as the basis for creating a more advanced prototype and was given to the students for further testing.

    “ The prototype looks really cool, we didn’t even expect it to work so well. We will do some experiments with the prototype to simulate the experience as if it were a full-fledged solution.”

    Daniel Dul

    “Working with students from CBS allowed us to get to explore theory more thoroughly. Typically, when developing new devices, our focus is on both the user-centered design as well as the business development angles and with Daniel and Kulturan, they were able to take our methodologies and merge them with existing and new theories. It was intriguing to learn about how our methodologies fit into a bigger scheme of things and get validation about the outcomes of our typical activities. In 2017, we’ve been focused on Sport, Lifestyle and Wellness as an area of smart product development and this first project has illustrated a number of areas of opportunity as well as highlighting where challenges might exist.”

    Vanessa Carpenter

    This project helped the student refine their design framework while demonstrating the opportunity for a smart product- service system offering in the fitness sector. Besides, it reinforced the relationship between Idemolab and one of the best university in Copenhagen, CBS, in a joint commitment to foster innovation in the greater Copenhagen area.

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