D2D The intelligent day-to-day pill box

    The D2D Pill Box is an intelligent day-to-day pill box that improves compliance, patient safety and improves data quality by logging when the user takes medcine and does not.

    Through motivation the user is encouraged to take the prescribed medicine. The pill box logs every time the box is used, and a GSM antenna transmits the data to a cloud server.

    The data is accessible by clinical staff, and the user is able to keep track on how the user perform during the trial. Beside of compliance, the pill box also logs temperature, humidity and light levels, in order to ensure the patient store the medicine correct.

    “(…)It is not uncommon for chronic diseases, that as soon as the patient gets better, the patient slacks on the treatment, because now they think they are doing well, and then they fail to take any of it. So, it would definitely be beneficial if you had some kind of a device, that could count or check what is taken and when.”

    Erik Jacobsen

    Danish Medicines Agency

    Concept description: Main features and core functions

    1. Patient takes medicine

    If the patient has forgotten to take his daily dose, the device reminds the patient by sound and light. If the patient later on has forgotten if he has taken the medicine, the pill box will warn the user by light and sound.

    2. Log data and upload to cloud 

    When the device is used time and date are logged along with temperature, humidity and light levels. Logging of use ensures high quality data for clinical staff and the pharmaceutical company. If the device is stored in a bad way ( high/low temp., humidity etc), the user is warned, and so is the staff.

    3. Realtime data 

    Realtime data is accesible for clinical staff during the trial. They have the ability to spot bad behavior from the very beginning of a trial, and take action to avoid bad patient compliance.

    4. Notifications / pushmessags 

    The staff can send push messages directly to the patient. Automated weekly updates are also send to the patient to engage the patient in order to keep the patient motivated during the trial.

    5. Patient’s access 

    The patient is able to access the data from the cloud and follow the process of the trial and monitor own performance. The patient can download the app to recieve ongoing notifications or access the online platform. The user is able to see how he performs compaired to other users. From the platform the user is able to customize reminders and notifications etc. in order to improve compliance.

    6. Relatives 

    The patient can add relatives, to support the patient in the treatment. The relatives can keep track of performance, and support and rate the patients’ performance during the trial. If the patient has not taken the medicine within X hours, the connected relatives will be informed, and they can help the patient to take action.

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