Crowd Monitoring – NorthSide Festival 2015


    Wireless Sensor Networks for Crowd Monitoring at NorthSide Festival 2015.

    Godik Teknik provided Northside festival 2015 with IT infrastructure, including Wi-Fi access points in some areas. Godik Teknik would like to expand their service offering to Northside and other festivals with data insights into how and when the festival crowd moves around the festival area, moving between scenes, bars, toilets etc. to be able to optimise the layout and operation of the festival. Data on how large a crowd is present in a certain location can be measured with wireless sensor networks, where Received Signal Strength Indication (RSSI) is affected by the presence of humans walking by the sensor nodes.

    Further Godik Teknik has data on all the mobile devices that connect to the Wi-Fi access points at the festival via MAC addresses, which can also be used to track which access point a person is connected to at a specific time and thus follow this person.

    The purpose of this demo-project is to explore the combination of using data from both RSSI and MAC-address tracking and get new insight into how the festival crowd move around, not previously possible with available infrastructure.

    Godik Teknik

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