The pieces come together for people with dementia in SEMO – Sensory Memory Game


After a close knowledge collaboration with DELTA the design company Nicodesign has brought a tool for memory stimulation for people with dementia closer to the market.

Sensory Memory Game (SEMO) is the name of the product and is  developed to help people with dementia relive memories through the use of different senses in an individual or group context. SEMO stands out due to the possibility of customizing the sensory exercises to the individual user. You can add your own memories in form of pictures and sound memos to the pieces of the game that matches like in an old fashion memory game. CEO of Nicodesign Nicolaus Nicolaou  explains:

“When you get a piece with a picture of the person with dementia’s grandchild it is adjusted so an audioclip of the grandchild’s voice can be triggered to play. DELTA got the message and solved the challenge”

SEMO can be personal but can also be adjusted to accommodate multiplayer. E.g. if the Danish national anthem is played the players will need to find the fitting piece with the correct flag on it. Also different scents is applied to some pieces, e.g. tobacco and coffee, with both will have a matching piece.  

At IdemoLab we are very excited about being a part of SEMO in advising how to design smart things. We have added the SEMO case to our Case site here.

Read more about Nicodesign here.


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