IdemoLabs main focus areas 2016-2018

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For the coming 3 years, IdemoLab has established 4 main focus areas, on which we will spend our expert resources – as always in close cooperation with our collaborating network of startups, SMEs, large companies and research institutions.


Design Smart Things

Batteryless and selfpowered electronics

IoT Test Center

IBIZ Techlab

You can further check out the focus areas below, and feel free to contact us, if you would like to know more about our upcoming work.


Design Smart Things:

Our activities in what we call “Design Smart Things” establish services which collect and convey knowledge of methods and enabling technologies for designing the “smart things” of the future. We wish to grasp on what is already out there by using existing platforms, microcontrollers and sensors and combine them with the knowledge, needs and innovative thoughts of all stakeholders of the given designfield.

For more information on Design Smart Things activities contact Vanessa Carpenter:


Batteryless and selfpowered electronics:

Our activities this year will continue the work we have already started: To lower the barriers for implementing batteryless and power self-sufficient technology for Danish companies in order to reach new innovation heights. This will be done through the knowledge of state-of-the-art technologies for harvesting the energy in our surroundings, tools, and modules for quick feasibility, early realization of prototypes and improved microelectronics for controlling energy providing power to future self-sufficient products.

For more information on Energy Harvesting activities contact Johan Pedersen:


IoT Test Center:

The Internet-of-Things (IoT) Test Center will ensure that new IoT products will hit the market successfully for as many companies as possible through the necessary technical tests, development and consultancy. The center’s services are tailored to fit the development and knowledge needs of small and medium enterprises (SME’s) and will act as a hub for all stakeholders within the IoT field – including electronics development firms, production-facilities for electronics, product developers, designers and users.

For more information on IoT Test Center activities contact Morten Wagner:


IBIZ TechLab:

Together with Teknologisk Institut and Alexandra Instituttet, IdemoLab will continue the work of breaking down the barriers limiting SME’s in their use of IT and new technologies. The focus will be on the retail market – both in the sense of businesses and shops but also in combination with how city spaces and the activities surrounding small city retail-shops can be used to make better customer experiences and thus ensure more cultural life in – and outside the big cities.

For more information on IBIZ TechLab activities contact Mikkel Leth Olsen:


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