How to work with us

We help ideas meet the real world and help you get them to market and we can do it in many different ways.

The easiest way to get an idea of how we can work together is by dropping us a line or writing us an email and talk it over. Though the possibilities for collaboration are endless, there are some structured entries of how we can help you:


Disruptive hardware innovation in 8 steps

This is an innovation service, designed for companies that wants to create the next smart product for new or existing markets, customers and technologies. Through this process we provide you new customer and product insights where you will be able to find out which path is worth pursuing and have concrete results including:

A library of disruptive smart product concepts

User engagement tools

Early market validity tests

Two functional hardware prototypes

Insight reports on markets, customers and technologies

To get a quick overview of the 8 step process, and how we collaborate with partners, please have a look at the road map.

How does that work?

The 8 step process is intended as a sprint, where both IdemoLab and your company puts in the needed resources to reach the goal. To get an idea of how this could be executed in your company please drop us a line for a noncommital talk.



Do you have a good idea for a new hardware product with the potential to create a good business? As a part of innovationsfonden, Innobooster invests in  knowledge based projects from small and mediumsized companies with no further economical ownership. The funding you get can be spend to cover the hours we use on your project. The amount funded is depending on the size of your needs and potential.

How does that work?

Innobooster processes applications continuously with a respond rate of max. 30 days in the application periods. You can read more and apply through their website.



Work within our expertises (GTS function)

GTS (Advanced Technology Group or Godkendt Teknologisk Service) is a network consisting of independent Danish research and technology  organisations. We are called the GTS institutes and together we make the GTS network. We support our customers’ innovation and constitute the core of the technological infrastructure in Denmark.

How does that work?

Through defined performance contracts with-in our fields of expertise we do projects with companies to fulfill our milestones and GTS responsibility. To get more information on our GTS work please visit our ‘Expertises: What we’ do section.


Special tailored process

Besides our function as a GTS company we work on fully commercial conditions which enable us to consult your company in any way you need it.

How does that work?

The easiest way to uncover and plan out how we may consult you is best done by contacting us for a noncommittal talk.


Additional funding/external funded projects

The complexity level of funding innovation projects can be high. Whether you are engaging in a domestic, EU or international funded project we have experience in the domain and how to solve the puzzle from our perspective.

Hardware Screening Service

Our iterative method of creating a minimum viable product through user centered design helps compa- nies to explore technologies, scenarios, and potential outcomes to make smart decisions about future products. By exploring potential outcomes of a variety of avail- able and upcoming technologies and incorporating these with evaluations of where your product will be used and by whom, we help you to gain insights and act on them to create the right product the first time. This service helps you to determine what it is you need in terms of technology, user evaluations and where you stand in the State-of- the-Art with smart products such as yours.

Download more information about the Hardware Screening Service as a PDF here.

Next Step Service

With Next Step, we will help you get closer to a finished prod- uct and help you mature your idea. Through tests with models and prototypes, you can answer questions on how your product can and should work – but in time before you have to finalise it for production and for a manageable investment. IdemoLab are experts in combining electronics development and Design Thinking, and by working with us, you’ll both get insights into what are the right technologies for your product and into what users expect from the product as well as what value it will and/or should bring them.

Download more information about the Next Step Service as a PDF here.

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