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Retail business is an ever moving field. From physical shops though the digital world of e-commerce we are now entering a new realm where physical and digital are merged together in a technological eco-system never seen before.

This is the product of one simple demand from shoppers: Customer experience.  Throughout 2016-18 FORCE Technology’s IdemoLab is working on promoting digital and technical innovation in small and mediumsized retail companies.

The goal is to create growth and stronger businessmodels relying on new, and already existing customer and company-data as well as innovatives services that can contribute to making the physical part of Danish retail-services more competitive.

During the period we will develop new technologies and test them in a number of brick-and-mortar shops and municipalities in Denmark where the purpose is to illustrate the possibilities to use different types of technology in smaller Danish cities and city-environments.

Our developed technology will have different purposes adjusted to the concrete domain we are working with but is mainly divided into two groups:

  1. Technology that measures the existing situation eg. how people are moving through a shopping street
  2. Technology that strives for behavioral change to strengthen the shopping experience.

The project is supported by Styrelsen for Forskning og Innovation and is a part of IBIZ Center – a collaboration between FORCE Technology, Teknologisk Institut and Alexandra Instituttet.

What is retail technology?

Want to get introduced to retail technology and see what it can do for you?

Would you like to try out the technologies we are developing through the project or are you interested in exploring the possibilities of a new technological situation for your retail business? There are several ways you can can be a part of our project. Please give us a call and let us tell you all about it. One way is that we are currently looking for interesting cases to work with in 2017.

Normally the process with a testcase will contain the following elements

Exploring hypothesis and identifying the most essential problems as subjects for design

Through empirical research methods we map out a holistic overview of the domain and problematize points of interest.

Measuring the existing situation with technology

To eliminate guesses around the actual situation we use sensors to capture real world information and gain valuable knowledge around the current state of your business.

Determination of what should be done

Using analytical methods for empirical data we narrow down guiding principles for further design. Furthermore we use different ideation tools in a codesign process with different stakeholders to come up with new ideas.

Using technology to change the current situation for the better

The design intervention is the essential part of the process. It is here we intervene through new technological products and aids to improve your business.

Measuring the effect of the improvement

To determine the aftermath of the intervention we collect new measurements and compare them to the old ones in order to detect and prove the change.

What our customers say about us


In Faaborg Midtfyn municipality we have been working to strengthen the retail businesses over a period of time now. We heard about IdemoLab and their work in IBIZ TechLab. We started up a dialogue and now we are looking forward to see how we can support the psysical retail experience through technology.


Hanne Raunsmed – Project leader, FMK







Want to know more?

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Mikkel Leth Olsen
Specialist, Interaction & Electronic Sketching
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