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Are you considering adding internet connectivity to your product or are you considering designing a new product born out of the technological possibilities of IoT? If you are, you are not alone. If you are not – maybe you should be?

IoT enabled products employ embedded technology that allows them to communicate, directly or indirectly, over the Internet. Predictions indicate that the number of devices connected to the Internet will reach 50 billion by 2020. Things that interact and communicate remotely via internet connectivity have a  substantially added potential – both for customers and businessess – and this potential is driving the current exponential growth of connected devices.

IdemoLab has been working with Internet of Things (IoT) technology since 1998. IdemoLab can help you do agile concept and feasibility studies – both directed at technological and user experience uncertainties. We work with an agile innovation methodology with iterative sketching and prototyping of new  solutions. FORCE Technology’s other specialists can help you choose wireless standards and how to do antenna designs – and we can help you do design wireless power charging, build mesh networks with multihops and do ultra low power communication ready for application of energy harvesting.

What is Internet of Things?

IoT innovation in 8 steps

Our 8 step process helps you challenge and re-discover current markets and customers. We aim to help you break away from incremental innovation and throughout the 8 steps, IdemoLab will focus on helping you create new, meaningful and valuable IoT products for your customers and your business.

To get a quick overview of the 8 step process, and how we collaborate with partners, please have a look at the road map.


The Cartography Calibration

Step 1 is based on extensive knowledge sharing and domain exploration. Here we get an overview of where and who we and your domain are.


The Looking Glass Investigation

We do a deep-dive into a state-of-the-art investigation of relevant technology, to gain insights and information which help to develop themes and relevant areas of potential and interest.


The Tangible Materialization

We narrow 10-15 possible physical concepts and down to 5 disruptive concepts which we move forward with. The disruptive concepts are unfinished representations of opportunity in a particular area with a given technology and application.


The Empathy Optimization

During this step, we bring the concepts into the space and time they have been designed for, where they are tested by users, stakeholders and experts.


The Technical Validation

This phase will provide valuable early design input, uncover technological, mechanical and certi cation challenges as de ned by FORCE Technology’s experts in reliability testing and CE Marking.


The Opinion Oscillation

An external team of experts help to identify the most important attributes of your concept through critical design exercises and performative methods to articulate opinions and discourses.


The Hardware Fortification

Using insights and data from the preceding steps, IdemoLab’s engineers build functional hardware proof-of-concepts. We aim at developing proof-of-concepts that can demonstrate the most interesting or provoking aspects of the concepts developed.


The Commitment Determination

We show the results of our journey through video demonstrations and create a plan for future activities such as design for manufacturing, industrial design, lead times, certifications, and access to market.

3 common challenges IdemoLab can help you eliminate



What technology should I use for my product?

Collaborating with IdemoLab, you get an overview of state-of-the-art and we help identify the useful and also realistic choices of technology for your product. We know about Design and IoT, but we also know about reliability, security and certification.



With this new technology, how do I design and develop the best possible user experience?

IoT products engage with the world and with users through potentially many channels; input and output, sensing and actuating, is no longer limited to take place “on” the product – but can take place through many intermediaries; webbrowsers, apps and other connected devices like generic buttons, hubs etc. We help you explore and make sense of the opportunities and help you challenge and validate your ideas.



In what infrastructure do I need to design my product to live?

Building an IoT product is a cross-domain exercise – your product will live in an ever-expanding infrastructure with “internet-rate” development, potentials and challenges. We help you look at what infrastructure  – but technologically but also application-wise – your product needs to function within.

What our customers say about us


Working with IdemoLab is not just a technical experience, but an exercise in understanding what you are trying to build as a business from all perspectives.

Erdem Ovacik – Donkey Republic

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