Sport, lifestyle & wellness

In the Design Smart Things performance contract, we have a theme of “Sport / Lifestyle / Wellness”. We are exploring how to benefit the Danish industry with smart devices.


Some of the questions we are exploring include

  • Which products are missing from this domain? Many fitness trackers, biometric measurement tools and mindfulness products already exist, so how can we add something valuable and useful to this area?
  • How could a smart product support professional sports?
  • How could a smart product support leisure sports?
  • How could a smart product support a healthy lifestyle?
  • What challenges are there when working between high tech and sports or lifestyle?
  • How would a service which a) helped identify a problem domain (for example, amount of exertion needed to support a healthy, but busy lifestyle) b) got insights from the users in this domain (for example, people who work 9-5, have kids, and are studying, and gyms or personal trainers) and c) developed a smart product to help address this problem, best benefit danish sport/lifestyle product developers?”?


We are seeking a sport, lifestyle or wellness company to do a demo-case with. It would be for the period of 3 months where the pharma engages in our 8 Step Process to develop a new smart product at a 50% reduced cost? (ca. 200.000 instead of 400.000).


We need your help to create a useful and valuable service for sport lifestyle and wellness, so please email Vanessa at

Vanessa Julia Carpenter
Technology Experience Designer
+ 45 28 64 45 29

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