In the Design Smart Things performance contract, we have a theme of “Pharma”. We are exploring how to benefit the Danish pharma industry with smart devices.


Some of the questions we are exploring include

  • Where is the most impact a ‘smart product’ could make for a pharma? (Could they support clinical trials, improve customer/patient/company relations etc.).
  • How could a smart product support clinical trials?
  • What challenges are there when working between high tech and pharma? This might be in regards to time scale (weeks versus decades) or in terms of audience (products for the world versus products for specific users).
  • Would a service which a) helped identify a problem domain (for example, amount of medication dispensed in cream format during a clinical trial) b) got insights from the users in this domain (pharma, their customers, etc) and c) developed a smart product to help address this problem, be an interesting service for pharmas?


We are seeking a pharma to do a demo-case with. It would be for the period of 3 months where the pharma engages in our 8 Step Process to develop a new smart product at a 50% reduced cost? (ca. 200.000 instead of 400.000).


We need your help to create a useful and valuable service for pharmas, so please email Vanessa at

Vanessa Julia Carpenter
Technology Experience Designer
+ 45 28 64 45 29

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