In the Design Smart Things performance contract, we are exploring the concept of meaningfulness. How do we design smart products to enable a meaningful experience, and what does that even mean?


Some of the questions we are exploring include

  • How do we design for meaningfulness?
  • How do we ensure that the new device we are creating goes beyond tracking us and instead, focuses on adding value into our lives and our relationships with our devices, and most importantly, with others?
  • Will it change the user’s life for the better?
  • Will it help the user develop as a person?
  • Does it promote playfulness?
  • Does it promote reflection?
  • How do we enable the creation, or strengthening of identity?
  • How do we enable stories (identity + communication?)

Opportunity & Collaborations

Both as part of Design Smart Things and as part of our work with the Welfare Technology Innovation Network for Health and Welfare Technologies, we will be running a year-long program with companies, exploring designing for meaningfulness together and discussing the principles, challenges, and opportunities in this area. We invite SMEs and large companies to join us in this debate.

Case Studies

Muscle Minder

An exploration of the physical characteristics of designing for meaningfulness


An exploration of the value based characteristics of designing for meaningfulness


Preventing injury and improving rehabilitation 


We need your help to explore meaningfulness, so please email Vanessa at

Vanessa Julia Carpenter
Technology Experience Designer
+ 45 28 64 45 29

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