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Design Smart Things is a 3 year performance contract based on IdemoLab’s previous work, with Design and Electronics where we explored electronics as a design material.

This time, when we say smart products, we mean a new (or upgraded) device which utilizes sensors, actuators and micro-controllers to create useful interactivity and services for the users.  The primary focus of this area is in creating meaningful interactions, namely, meaningful objects which people want to keep, which outlive the ‘gadget’ lifetime of so many of today’s products.

When we say “Design Smart Things” we encompass Design: design thinking via user centred design, context validation, technology validation, and solving real problems with useable, meaningful solutions; Smart: sensors which allow us to interpret the world around us in a new way, sensing both what humans can, and can’t sense; and making some sense of it, and Things: To-market, buyable products which people truly want to invest in to better their lives.

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Smart Things innovation in 8 steps

Our 8 step process helps you challenge and re-discover  current markets and customers. We aim to help you break away from incremental innovation and throughout the 8 steps, IdemoLab will focus on helping you create new, meaningful and valuable IoT products for your customers and your business.

To get a quick overview of the 8 step process, and how we collaborate with partners, please have a look at the road map.


The Cartography Calibration

Step 1 is based on extensive knowledge sharing and domain exploration. Here we get an overview of where and who we and your domain are.


The Looking Glass Investigation

We do a deep-dive into a state-of-the-art investigation of relevant technology, to gain insights and information which help to develop themes and relevant areas of potential and interest.


The Tangible Materialization

We narrow 10-15 possible physical concepts and down to 5 disruptive concepts which we move forward with. The disruptive concepts are unfinished representations of opportunity in a particular area with a given technology and application.


The Empathy Optimization

During this step, we bring the concepts into the space and time they have been designed for, where they are tested by users, stakeholders and experts.


The Technical Validation

This phase will provide valuable early design input, uncover technological, mechanical and certi cation challenges as de ned by FORCE Technology’s experts in reliability testing and CE Marking.


The Opinion Oscillation

An external team of experts help to identify the most important attributes of your concept through critical design exercises and performative methods to articulate opinions and discourses.


The Hardware Fortification

Using insights and data from the preceding steps, IdemoLab’s engineers build functional hardware proof-of-concepts. We aim at developing proof-of-concepts that can demonstrate the most interesting or provoking aspects of the concepts developed.


The Commitment Determination

We show the results of our journey through video demonstrations and create a plan for future activities such as design for manufacturing, industrial design, lead times, certifications, and access to market.

What our customers say about us


IdemoLab always gives us a push – nothing is too difficult not to be explored. For us it is nice to know people that are up to date on the electronic beat. The prototype is always in reach and made with an affordable effort. For sure we will design our next “Smart Thing” in collaboration with IdemoLab.

Thomas Harrit – Harrit-Sørensen

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