Hospital + Innovation Congress

Two events featuring international speakers and participants to begin work on 16 new hospitals in Denmark.

As part of an ongoing collaboration with SDSI: Syddansk Sundhedsinnovation and Philips Design, IdemoLab helped to coordinate and participate in the Hospital + Innovation Pre-Event and Congress – partnering for sustainable health care design.

These events featured ‘Open Innovation Workshops’ and focused on health innovation, hospital construction, and telemedicine. During these events, participants engaged in open dialogues, role playing, and Electronic Sketching to explore new ideas in healthcare, and to develop potential new activities and technologies for upcoming hospitals in Denmark and throughout the world.

The Pre-Event was held in June of 2013, leading up to the Congress in September. The Pre-Event was predominantly an ideation session, offering participants (including the Mayo Clinic, Oxford Academic Health Science Network, Digital Health Institute, Philips and Microsoft) the opportunity to explore the public and private sector of health care and find areas and themes of potential new technology and growth. A summary document, prepared by SDSI, can be read here.

The Hospital + Innovation Congress, held in September of 2013, was a massive event featuring many speakers, exhibitions, and workshops. IdemoLab contributed with a prototype of an interactive health mirror / interactive sensing system as part of Theme 3: Care at a Distance, which can be read about here.

The website for the event can be seen here, and SDSI’s ongoing work in the hospitals of the future can be seen here.

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