CPH Heath Hackathon

LevVel  DELTA & Health 2.0 CPH held CPH Health Hackathon, to challenge and provoke existing devices.

Over 2 days at DELTA and Repbulikken, over 50 participants gathered to explore and challenge existing medical devices and explore new possibilities.

We combined people who have a passion for exploring technology and taking things apart to reinvent them (hackers/makers) with people who are medical experts who both help and are the end users (doctors, nurses, physiotherapists) with people who create medical devices (companies, organisations) and then put them together to see what they’d create.

Both days featured international speakers including:

  1. Uwe Diegel, Vice President at iHealthLabs Europe talking about ‘The Process of Designing 21st Century Consumer Healthcare’
  2. Paulo Rodrigues, Entrepeneur, engineer, scientist at Mint Labs talking about ‘How to Use Connected Devices to Control Brains’
  3. Jens Raarup, General Manager Cortrium talking about ‘How Connected Health Devices like Cortrium’s Tripatch can help people to stay fit, well and healthy’
  4. Christian Liljedahl, artist at illutron: Collaborative Interactive Arts Studio, talking about how to ‘Look past existing solutions and challenging norms to reach new conclusions’
  5. Mikkel Mortensen, MyTravelDoc talking about ‘How can Doctors Medical Consultation services like MyTravelDoc integrate Connected Health Devices?’
  6. Nicolas Padfield, Programmer, Artist, Technology Guru talking about how people can ‘consider their environments, the contexts of their designs and how to develop technology for various solutions’
  7. Johannes Scheibe, Optimov ‘How can startups take Connected Health Devices and create new services to it?’

The two days were spent firstly, getting inspiration from speakers and then working on concepts through brainstorming, role playing, and Electronic Sketching. By the end of day 2, 7 concepts had been defined and built, and a judges panel evaluated the concepts, awarding one group the opportunity to take their concept further through expert consultation at DELTA, and a chance to offer their technology on the crowd sourcing platform MedStartr.

Check out the 2 day program here.

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