Bits & Beers

Bits & Beers: evening conference, hands-on demonstrations and workshops, and facilitated networking event.

Bits & Beers is an atypical conference connecting businesses, creatives, entrepreneurs, and makers in the relaxed Friday bar atmosphere, with the structure of a well organized business event.

Through an ongoing collaboration with Republikken, the co-working space in the heart of Copenhagen, IdemoLab DELTA has established both an open Electronics Lab and the event series: Bits & Beers. Bits & Beers is held on a Friday (and sometimes on holiday Wednesdays!) as a Friday bar, held after work, where one can drop by for a drink and enjoy the atmosphere, including: DJs, interactive installations, performances, and other geeky/nerdy fun. In addition to the relaxed cafe area, we have a conference room with full presentation facilities where speakers from varied industries and walks of life join us to share their experiences and expertise on the theme of the event.

Talks are short, being held to a strict 10 minutes. Our aim is that speakers get a chance to communicate their experiences and values, and create the intrigue to push participants to seek out the speaker in the cafe area, and to strike up a discussion with them then. In our experience, the traditional conference format is inadequately suited to debate and discussion, with only a few moments left for very public questions at the end of a speaker’s presentation, and we hope to challenge this method, providing ample opportunity for interaction.

Finally, Bits & Beers is a chance to get hands-on with technology, design, and fabrication machines. Throughout the venue, demonstrations and performances are staged so you’re always able to interact with something, and strike up a conversation over what you find interesting.

The themes for Bits & Beers depend on which topics span both IdemoLab and Republikken; so far, our themes have been:
Bits & Beers: Medical
Bits & Beers: Laser
Bits & Beers: Maker
Bits & Beers: Failure

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