Smutti is a small, charming camper wagon full of equipment to help your ideas meet the real world –  a place where you can brainstorm, conceptualise, design, sketch and prototype ideas quickly.


Smutti, though small, has a lot of potential in the form of equipment and tools to help you develop ideas and design. Smutti is available to come and visit your business, academic institution and workspaces, offering several types of visits:


Learn about the FabLab and the tools available and create simple circuits to learn about design thinking and what it means to move through the design process with Electronic Sketching.


Evolve your product, making it interactive or responsive using our IdemoBits – which require no programming. The IdemoBits are a tool to try out new ideas and within seconds, test them to see how your product would perform if it was responsive or interactive.


Rethink your workspace using design thinking and IdemoBits. Analyse how people in the space work and through participatory design – involving everyone in the process – imagine how your workspace could function. Then, using IdemoBits and fabricating the needed parts, try out your ideas and see the result immediately.


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