About us

IdemoLab bridges the gap between technology and design

We focus on the important early stages of the design process and strive to create meaningful experiences for users and customers.

IdemoLab uses electronics as a design material and explores the properties of electronics, merging them with traditional design materials to explore new possibilities.

Our team specialises in facilitating and creating innovation for technological solutions. We live in a world of early adopters and provide knowledge and access to new and upcoming technologies. We curate and cultivate a culture of learning, exploration and experimentation and will provoke new discoveries through access to new knowledge and inspiration.

We help ideas meet the real world.


DELTA is an independent technology company that offers accessible information for everyone. As our customers’ strategic partner we ensure optimal usage of advanced technology. We develop, test, certify, and advice our customers in all the phases of product development. We have been the technology pathfinders since 1941, and it is our vision that Denmark shall be the best place for carrying out hi-tech product development.

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